I fall in love …

I fall in love with stories, not characters.

Last night, I went drinking with a couple of blockmates for the very first time. And, needless to say, the topic of love came up as it is wont to do when there is a gathering of filipinos which involves even the tiniest bit of alcohol. A friend shared a story with me, a story so great there is a blog post about it hiding somewhere in the internet. I just finished reading that story and wow oh wow, I had an epiphany of major proportions. The quote above encapsulates that epiphany. Stories. I love stories. Not characters, not people, but their stories. Stories which have a clear beginning and, most importantly, a definitive ending. Characters go on, they even make appearances in sequels and spin-offs but the stories are different and there will always be someone new.

Think about it. Think about you, and all the moments that have make you who you are. Remove all those moments, those stories, and what are you left with? That is what people should fall in love with. That which is left when everything else is stripped away.

Teach me. Someone teach me how to love that way, that in particular.


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