Perfect Peace

Just a while ago, I took my Legal History exam. It was a two hour ordeal and I have never felt so clueless, so unprepared, so frustrated in my entire life. The exam was really difficult. I felt so angry. I felt so sad. I went home and instead of going out with my sisters and my cousins to the night market, I chose to stay at home and have a good cry. I tried calling my dad but I immediately began to cry and become incoherent when he came on the line. Distraught and on the verge of tears himself, he passed the phone to my mom but she couldn’t hear me very well and so I just hung up the phone. I took out my laptop and decided to listen to upbeat songs on Youtube and I stumbled upon this one while looking through Ariana Grande songs. Instead of communicating with my dad tonight, my Father spoke to me. THE Father.

And suddenly I remembered to be still. I remembered that it is not through my strength, but through His alone that I can win this battle.

“ad majora natus sum”


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